I should have told you sooner

I knew when I started this blog that I wanted to be unknown. I knew I also wanted you to be unknown to me. But what I didn’t tell you is the reason for this. (My bad) I have severe anxiety. I have been dealing with it for over 10 years now and it makes talking to people I know very hard for me. Even people I don’t know but have to talk to over the phone or in person, I struggle with what to say and if I should even say it.

I have walked away from things I’ve wanted. Money, fun, friends, and so many more things simply because something in my head randomly and not so randomly tells me that whatever it is, its stupid for me to want it. That I’m stupid for wanting or even, sometimes needing it.

I want this blog to be a place for others that deal with things like that. That deal with knowing something you can’t really control, is going to find its way into your day.

So come express yourself here. Come show us the things you can’t show to those you know. If it’s art you speak through, use it. If you wish to talk through your favorite music or music you’ve written. We wont judge. I’ll be watching posts and comments very closely to make sure that all feel welcome. I wont let crude or vicious comments go through. Keep that in mind before posting. I will block those that are mean for no reason. By coming here we are asking for the freedom to speak how we wish and by whatever means fits us best and about the things that we need someone to hear.

Come show me your lights and your voice.


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