Can be a good thing

My anxiety made an appearance yesterday. Right before I went to bed last night I started to worry about this new job I got through I was so worried I couldn’t sleep. I was staring at the walls for hours trying to tell myself to stop being crazy. But I couldn’t stop thinking that something was off. 

I have only heard from the guy twice since I e-mailed him about the job more then 3 weeks ago. He called me the day after and heard my voice told me I’d be great at the job and that was it. I was hired. After that day I only heard from him once.

All I could think was that this guy was trying to lure me to some remote location and do things to me or hold me for ransom.
So I called the other place that I was gonna be working part time at and asked if they had full time hours. They did and now I get to work more hours and for better pay.

Am I glad that I have anxiety? No, but this time something good came of it.


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