I have noticed that I seem to be a happier person when I write in my journal. There is something about putting my words on paper that makes me feel comforted, make me feel a little more free. It’s a place where no one can judge you. Where no one can tell you your wrong. I think that might be part of where the idea for this blog came from. I did’t realize that until recently.

What is my journal for me? I think of it like my life’s book of lights. For those who don’t know what that is. I got the idea for the name from books with magic and witches. In those books most witches have what they call their books of shadows. They are books where the witches place their spells and secrets. They use the books as a diary and recipes. But I’m not a witch and I have life lights, not life shadows. So I have changed the name to book of lights instead of book of shadows. And I don’t put spells in mine, But I do put recipes, pictures, wrist bands from the places I go. feathers and things I find on my journeys. Dreams I want to remember and so much more.

So for those that wish to steal the name, go ahead. I would be happy to know others out there like the idea of a book of lights and are using it. I also hope that it makes you as happy as mine make me whenever I open it.


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