I began working for Jackson Hewitt this year as a tax professional. I was so surprised to learn how many people in the world think that paying even $100 to have their taxes done by someone with training, is to much. I understand those that don’t want to pay $300-$400. But even then the work we do and the guarantees you get, having a professional do your taxes costs money. How is having the knowledge that if we make a mistake not worth a few hundred dollars? If mistakes are made it could cost you thousands.

To me it makes sense that it would cost money to keep you safe. It can cost hundreds of dollars to keep your home safe each year. I want to know why your taxes and your information should cost less to keep safe. My life would be far worse off if someone stole my identity instead of my electronics.

How do you feel about how much people charge to do your taxes? Let me know. The Changeling is curious.


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