Essential Oils

Have any of you heard of essential oils? A few people in my family got me started on these lovely things and I am here to tell you they work for me.

The way I remember it coming into my life and really making an impact was from my grandmother. She had something she sold and the company added essential oils to their list of products. Just one to begin with called “Tea Tree”. The oil comes from a tree if I’m  not mistaken and the company uses it in a lot of their other products as well as selling the oils on its own. She gave my mom and I a bottle each to try. We diluted it and then began using it for all sorts of things. From mixing it with jojoba oil and placing it on our temples to sooth a headache. To mixing it with water and using it to clean parts of the house. It was incredible.

And it wasn’t long until we wanted to know more about oils. My mother was interested. I was obsessed. Me and  my grandmother both were. I bought books. Even a travel size to carry in my purse and I went on the internet. I researched for hours. I couldn’t stop and even with everything I learned I still don’t know near enough. There is so much that each oil can do alone. Then you begin to mix them and you have a whole new world of fun to play with. Not to mention that when you start reading about oils you have to read about where they come from and the plants used to get each one. Did I mention that I was obsessed?

Anyways, the point of bring all of this up is to tell you some of the amazing ways they have helped me and those I have asked/forced to try them.

My boyfriend got a stomach ache after drinking way to much soda way to fast. A few drops of peppermint oil(make sure its one of the good ones. Some can’t be ingested) in his water and within minutes he was feeling much better.

My brother is ha really bad allergies to most grasses and trees. When he came to the house his eyes were red and puffy and he was sneezing none stop. I mixed up a tablespoon of honey, two drops of lemon, two drops of lavender, and two drops of peppermint. His reaction took a minute at the most. His sneezing stopped almost instantly. I was shocked and I had previous experience with oils.

My mom has been on sleeping medication for over a decade now. She started using a mix of oils in her diffuser. She told me that she was able to take half her normal dose of medication and she still slept.

I could go on and on about all the ways essential oils have helped those I know. But you don’t want to be here for the rest of the night I’m sure. So I will end with. There are oils for everything and I hope that if you try them, they help you as much as they have helped me.

If you have used essential oils already and have a story to tell, I would love to hear it. Happy oiling everyone!


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