Changes Must Be Made

I was sitting on the couch this afternoon, doing nothing. I was just laying there. No knitting needles in my hands. No book in my lap. No notebook or pen to write with. The show I was watching is one I started yesterday. I looked at the screen to find that I was on episode 10, in less then 24 hours! Now I will say this, it’s a cartoon (I am such a child) and the episodes are about 22-25 minutes long. Not only did I start that show yesterday but, I watched 2 movies as well. All of this without getting anything life improving done. Sure I cleaned and maintained the house and got some errands done. But I have plans to take the MTA certification tests soon. How am I going to do that by watching so much freaking tv? 

Today I start watching little to no tv. I have to if I am ever going to get where I want to in this world. I will keep you posted on my progress. First things first, going through books and getting rid of the ones I don’t read and get new ones that will help me get where I’m going.

Because of all of this I will be creating, with my first post on the suject, an educational lights page. It will be there to help others like me that wish to advance there education. I will let you know what helped me the most and what didn’t help. I will also be letting you know why I liked or didn’t like the book, app, or other media I tried.

Wish me luck!



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