It Starts

The quest for a better future has begun. I strted by going through all the books I own and taking the ones I knew I would never read again to HPB (half price books). I was expecting them to give me a dollar for all of the books I brought in.  I only had about 15-20 books, most of which were old and very well warn. I get most of the books I own from HPB or from garage sales. I did bring 2 movies as well. Those were also old. They were however in very good condition.

After they called me over, they told me they would give me $7 for the whole thing. The lady giving me the price looked like she thought this would be bad news. All I could think was “Woot, $6 more then I was expecting!” I walked away with a smile.

Then it was on to the software section to look at books for getting started in the help desk world. I was not disappointed. I get 2 books for less then $20. I went with a budget of $100. I was feeling very good. All this time my aunt who I had stolen for the day was searching movies and other things brings me over to a place Iwasn’t aware existed…..the clearance section! I saw a white light, I sware. I found another it book here for $3. Again I was informed of another area that had been hidden from me, the clearance movies. Oh my goodness. I thought I loved HPB before. But the store had been holding out on me. I was mad for about 5 seconds and then I fell in love all over again.

I got everything I needed and more at HPB for less then half my budget. I was so excited.

So for those of you out there that want to learn something without spending to much money, HPB is the place to go for the books you need. 

Happy learning!


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