Buying A Car

I am in the process of trying to buy a new car. I told my dad the one that I was looking at and he said check and check Great idea dad, I should have thought of it myself. So I go to do just that. was easy, I got the numbers really quickly and without any hassle. Then on to This site was less user friendly and I get all the way to the end, I’m about to get the report and BAM! The catch is revealed. $40 for one check!

I would understand if that was for the day. I get that these places need to make money. But come on, $40 for one car? What if you have 3-4 that you want to check out? That would cost you $120-$160 just to figure out which car you want to take a closer look at. Not to mention the cost of the car, the title change, plates, insurance, and so on. Why are there so many things to pay for to get a car?


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