Death In The Family

I woke up this morning to my boyfriend walking into our room and crawling in right next to me. Thinking that he was just giving me his normal goodbye, I looked at the clock. When it said nine AM I realized he was back from work. So many things flashed through my mind from some thing happening to his dad to something happening to his brother or sister. I slid my arms around him and asked every so often what happened until I finally got an answer. “My aunt died in her sleep.”

My eyes widened and all I could do was hold him tight. We stayed that way for about an hour until my stomach and bladder were no longer willing to cooperate.

I did not know his aunt very well but I know she was an older lady that had just had heart surgery and everyone thought she was getting better. How quickly things can change in such an irreversible way.

To my family and friends, you know who you are. I love you all so very much. No matter what happens always remember that. You all make living a pleasure, an adventure and an all around goofy experience. There would be far fewer bright and happy lights in my life without you.



    1. Thank you so very much. He seems to be doing a lot better. However this is the 3rd one in less then 3 years so he’s a little worried. He doesn’t want to lose anyone else.


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