Beating Life

I know very well that I havent been keeping up with my blog. I am s o very sorry about that. I took the time off of work to try and teach my self I.T. work. Which didn’t work. Lol. I just managed to stress myself out more then I had thought possible for some simple schooling. During this time a had a bit of family drama going on. Not to mention I had a few moments in my relationship where I was sure I was going to lose the man that has become an intrigul part of my world.

Long story short life has been kicking my …… yeah that. I was a less then functioning person. Getting off the couch had become my enemy. I felt like every time I did I just messed something up. And when I didn’t I wasn’t getting anything done which was also a problem. By the end I had, had what I am now calling flash thoughts (Thoughts thoughts that go by so fast you hardly notice them) about no having to deal with it anymore. “Maybe if I wasn’t here” Sort of thoughts. I want to let everyone know that is all it was and not to worry. And yes it was the bitch I call my shadow cloak getting back in my head for a moment.

I seem to have won this round and things are getting back on track. I have a new job and I love it. My boyfriend and I are doing good now and the family drama is still there but less painful. I will tell you more about that later. Thank you all for staying connected to this blog and I hope you keep reading.

If you have any advice you’d like to give me please leave it in the comments below.

And for those that are really worried, I did tell a close friend how I was feeling. I did not handle it on my own. 


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